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Kevin KPac Pacynski

Born and raised in the metro Detroit area. Growing up in an environment in which people were forced to become creative, it was no surprise that given the right circumstance Kevin's creativeness would finally push him to paint. Exploding out of him after years of suppression, it wasn't until bedridden due to a medical condition known as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), that KPac finally caved to the urge to let loose what he felt inside: a whirlwind of energy waiting for escape, for the barriers to break, allowing a sea of creation to flow forth. 

KPac's life truly changed with the diagnosis and treatment of POTS, but, as much as it took from his life, it gave back far more precious notions: those of purpose. For the first time in his life Kevin felt a sense of identity, of passion, of untapped freedom. It was the only thing he felt he could ever get so deeply involved and focused in that when he finally stepped back and "awoke" from his project, the sun was usually rising, food had not been eaten, and the same album had been playing over and over again all night. Painting and art, in any form, have given Kevin purpose. His only regret is not diving in head-first into this world of creation when encouraged to as a child. 


For now, KPac is attempting to sell most of his works in order to finance a cross-country road trip in search of a cumulative vision of unity through the eyes of all cultures and, in doing so, translate this idea into art people can feel the idea through. We live in a culture becoming ever more connected while being limited by our language, cultural beliefs, social norms, grammar, syntax, etc., when, in reality, we are all of the same species looking through very similar "lenses" and yet interpreting life in an isolated perspective. It is important now more than ever for our planet to identify globally if we have any hope for a better, brighter future. 

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